Marine Collection

Marine Collection

Marine Collection is een kunstleer dat speciaal ontwikkeld is voor gebruik in de watersport, scheepsbouw, auto- en meubelindustrie.

De Marine Collection biedt materialen die speciaal geschikt zijn voor het stofferen van kussens, stoelen, banken, wanden, plafonds, fitnessapparatuur, project en medisch meubilair. De collectie omvat diverse series in tientallen verschillende kleuren en designs.

Alle Marine Collection materialen hebben een beschermingsvloeistof die is geïmpregneerd in de toplaag van het materiaal.


  • De meeste vlekken zijn afwasbaar met zeepsop (groene zeep)
  • Hardnekkige vlekken zijn met nagellak remover afwasbaar. (altijd nabehandelen met water)

Specifications Marine Collection


Atlantis Maritime Ocean Rage Softdura Seawave
100% Vinyl
Weigth (g/m2) 657 661 657 657 661 657
Roll Size (m) 30 25 30 27 27 27.40
Roll Width (cm) 137 137 137 137 137 140

Flame Retardancy

Atlantis Maritime Ocean Rage Softdura Seawave
DIN 4102 B2
EN 1021 Part 1 & 2
IMO A.652
BS 5852
NFPA 260 A
UFAC Class 1
California Tech Bulletin 117, Section E


Atlantis Maritime Ocean Rage Softdura Seawave
Mildew Resistant
Seawater Resistant
Low Temp. Resistant (Cold Crack) -23°C

Care and Cleaining Guide

  • All vinyls should be cleaned periodically in order to maintain it’s appearance and prevent build-up dirt and contaminants.
  • Any stain, spills, or soiling should be cleaned as soon as possible to prevent the possibility of permanent staining.
  • Use a mild soap solution or Vyva Cleaner to remove stains on the surface. Remove only with a damp white cloth.
  • Lacquers, strong cleaners, detergents, acetone can cause immediate damage and contribute to the deterioration of the material. The use of such cleaners is at owner’s risk.
  • Certain clothing and accessory dyes (such as denim jeans) may migrate to lighter colors. This phenomenon is increased by humidity and temperature and is irreversible.
    Vyva Fabrics will not assume responsibility for dye transfer caused by external contaminants and possible permanent staining caused by this phenomenon.
  • The Marine Collection fabrics are all coated which makes maintenance easy. Most difficult stains are effortlessly cleaned with a dry tissue. and stubborn soiling may be eliminated with isopropyl alcohol.
    The special coating provides resistance to scratches, scuffs and abrasion for a long term, trouble-free performance.


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