Chella Textiles

Chella Textiles

Chella Textiles uit Santa Barbara, Californie is een modern bedrijf geïnspireerd door eeuwenoude weef tradities. Chella creëert outdoor weefsels voor buitengebruik maar worden ook zeer veel binnenshuis toegepast.
Chella Luxury Performance Textiles bestaat uit 200 traditionele patronen en designs.

De Chella stoffen zijn voorzien van een specifieke waterafstotende nabehandeling die het doek beschermt tegen vlekken, vetvlekken, vloeistoffen en opspattend zout water of chloorwater.
Chella word dus speciaal ontwikkeld om gedurende het hele jaar buiten te worden gebruikt, in de tuin, op een terras of op het dek van een boot.

Eigenschappen Chella Textiles

  • Solution-dyed acryl door en door garen geverfd
  • Voorkomt aantasting of verkleuring door Uv-stralen
  • Hoge Lichtechtheid 7/8
  • Eenvoudig te reinigen: afborstelen met water en zeep
  • Ademend; word dus niet heet en plakt niet
  • Pilt niet en word niet hard zoals vinyl
  • Rot- en schimmelvrij
  • Bacteriewerend
  • Zeewater bestendig
  • Wassen op 30 graden, daarna strijken om de finish opnieuw te activeren.


  • Afborstelen met water en zeep of Tex Aktiv Cleaner.


Specificate Chella Textiles

Samenstelling 100% in de massa geverfd acryl
Afwerking Anti vlek behandeling: Exclusieve Glenn Raven formule
Breedte verschilt per serie
Rollengte verschilt per serie
Kleurvastheid UV 7/8 ISO 105 B02
Kleurvastheid regen 7/8 ISO 105 B04
Brandwerendheid Class 1 U.F.A.C.

Chella Information

What makes Chella Unique?

Chella Textiles combines 20th century weaving and yarn extrusion technologies with 21st century fabric finishing techniques. The result is a state-of-the-art textile that combines the look and feel of a high-end interior fabric with the durability of a rugged outdoor awning canvas. Chella’s 100% solution-dyed fabrics carry a three-year guarantee against sun damage and fading, as well as for the loss of the loft luxurious hand that Chella is known for.

Solution-Dyed Acrylic Facts:

The Yarns & the Fiber

Chella Textiles uses 100% solution-dyed yarns, the manufactured miracle fiber. Solution dyeing is a man-made, European process originally developed in the 1950’s. The manufacturing of the fiber begins in a liquid state whereby color is added to the solution. The yarn coloring process is computer generated for optimum precision. The liquid solution then travels through tubes and is extruded through spinneret’s to be transformed from liquid into fiber. As a result, the color becomes an inherent property of the fiber before it is spun into yarn. This is why spilling a cup of bleach on a Chella fabric will not cause it to fade or discolor – the fabric is the color!

The Spinning Process

The fiber is moved to a sealed yarn spinning chamber where one single chamber is dedicated to a particular yarn color. Each chamber contains up to 100 filters to prevent color contamination of the yarns. The fiber is spun into yarn and filters are rigorously cleaned before a new color is introduced into the chamber.

The Weaving Process

Chella Textiles is dedicated to producing luxury weaves such as jacquards, piques, tapestries, matelasse, ottomans, damasks, epingles and sheers! We use electronic jacquard looms to weave carefully designed patterns into uncommonly strong fabrics. By tightly integrating the yarns, we create a textured, luxury weave. The durability of Chella Textiles is achieved through the combination of the high tensile strength of the solution-dyed yarn filaments combined with the careful jacquard woven structures, perfect for residential and commercial applications. If greater durability is required, Chella has developed a technique to enhance abrasion to 50,000 double rubs or more as measured by the Wyzenbeck test method on an as needed basis.

The Finishing

The secret to the soft supple hand of Chella Textiles begins with the unique weaving techniques, but it is the finishing that differentiates Chella from other manufacturers. Chella fabrics are taken from the looms and specially softened with a process that gives them a luxuriously fine hand. The cloth is placed on a frame and smoothed to a beautiful wrinkle-free texture that it will retain. Up to now, this process has always been associated with fine interior textiles; never before with outdoor fabrics. Chella’s performance features are sure to delight designers and their clients. Exterior as well as interior areas can be luxurious and comfortable using our elegantly durable fabrics that are practical, easy-care, and machine washable. Chella fabrics pass all upholstery codes for FR (NFPA 260, UFAC Class 1, Cal Bulletin 117) and can be treated to pass NFPA 701 Small Scale as required.

The Final Conclusion

“Chella Luxury PERFORMANCE TEXTILES™ beautiful anywhere” The manufacturing of Chella’s unique fabric is exceptionally technical and rigorous however, the result is extraordinary. Seasoned design professionals continue to marvel at Chella’s blend of beauty and durability and have urged us to continue with our innovations. As we move ahead, we plan to provide more design choices and to increasingly blur the lines between indoor and outdoor living areas, making those spaces more appealing for today’s lifestyles.


Chella fabrics should be cleaned regularly before substances such as dirt and food particles are allowed to accumulate on and become embedded in the fabric. Although solution-dyed fabrics do not promote mildew growth, mildew may grow on dirt or on other foreign substances that may accumulate after extended use.

Chella is machine washable in cool water and may be air dried or machine dried on a low setting. The fabric can be cleaned without being removed from the piece by simply brushing off any loose dirt, etc. and sponging with a solution of mild soap and cool water. Rinse thoroughly with clean water to keep your fabric looking like new. DO NOT DRY CLEAN.

For most stains, we recommended a cleaning solution of 0.5 ounce of antibacterial dishwashing liquid to 22 ounces of water. Apply with a spray bottle and sponge into the fabric with a soft bristle brush or clean cloth. Rinse thoroughly, and blot with a clean, dry towel or wet vac to remove solution. For stubborn stains, use a fabric spot remover, following the directions on the container. Spray on the entire area and let the solution soak in, sponge with a soft bristle brush or clean cloth. Rinse thoroughly with clean, cool water, and air or machine dry on low setting. For specific stains, see our Stain Removal Guide, below.

Chella fabrics are heat-sensitive and can shrink if subjected to high heat from commercial dryers or steam irons. Care should be taken when cleaning. Only low settings or professional soft-press or air dry is recommended.

Pilling – From time to time, materials that have very long and strong fibers will pill. We see this in luxurious materials like silk and wool as well as synthetics such as acrylic and polyester. Pilling happens when the materials shed broken fibers during use. Materials where the fiber is short and brittle just lose that material, where the long, strong fibers hang onto it and make a little ball.

Chella fabrics have been treated with a light Teflon coating which helps to prevent pilling without loss of their fine soft hand. Other acrylic fabrics do not pill under normal use because they are heavily and stiffly coated. For this performance, they sacrifice luxurious softness.

Treat Chella as you would your finest cashmere garments! Using a sweater pill remover for a few weeks will generally remove pills and errant fibers. Should this not suffice, please contact the interior designer or showroom where the fabric was purchased.

Stain Removal Guide

For These Stains: Clean With:
charcoal & pencil marks, catsup,mustard, cola, grape juice, gravy,milk, orange drink, wet latexpaint, wet tea, tomato juice, egg liquid soap & water
beer, urine, vomit, watercolor paints liquid soap & white vinegar
coffee liquid soap & white vinegar + acetone
berry, dried blood liquid soap & ammonia (3-6% water)
chocolate liquid soap, ammonia + water
wine liquid soap, ammonia (3-6% water), whitevinegar
butter, chewing gum, motor oil,grease, nail polish, oil, shoe polish acetone or solvent
crayon, dried latex paint, suntanlotion grease remover or de-greaser
crayon, lipstick, dried latex paint,oil-based paint paint remover
permanent ink paint remover, acetone & soap
mascara paint remover, acetone, soap & water
shoe polish & candle wax acetone, towel & iron. Apply acetone, placeheated iron on top of towel place over stain.Repeat until towel absorbs stain.
tree sap turpentine & liquid soap
iron rust oxalic or citrus acid & water
mildew 1 cup bleach & 1/4 cup mild soap/gallon water


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