Marine Collection

The Marine Collection: seaworthy and perfect for any kind of boat or ship, special anti-skid materials and hull liners included. A super chic synthetic leather, which, as an upholstery fabric, would certainly also earn its place in the high-end automative and furniture industries. Available in countless variations and styles, from subtle grained faux leather ('Maritime'), and shiny and graphic ('Encore' and 'Carbon Fiber'), to the playful, embossed dots of 'Ridley Perforated'. 

Available in neutral and natural basic tones, ranging from white and ivory to beige and caramel. But also in more striking colours, including 10 beautiful shades of blue, warm burgundy and peachy pink-orange, which can all be easily and beautifully combined. Supplied with a protective top layer (and therefore durable), water and UV resistant, easy to clean and also highly suitable for healthcare and fitness projects.


Design by Kordaat, build by Lagoworks