Because nature needs all of us

Vyva Fabrics carries leading brands and designs and produces innovative collections itself. We are leaders in the field of sustainability. 

With the motto 'Because nature needs all of us', we offer the latest environmentally friendly collections, developed with recycled PET bottles or with durable hemp or cork as the base material.


REVYVA is suitable for in- and outdoor use
REVYVA is made from post-consumer plastic bottles
REVYVA is 100% recycled & recyclable

This fabric has been made with recycled plastic bottles
-32% CO2 emissions in the production process
-94% water waste in the production process
+64% energy saving in the production process


Vyva Fabrics presents the Hemp Collection, a hemp upholstery fabric for furnishings based on fine fibers in Hemp, the perfect link between nature and outdoor living. Contact with nature is the inspiration for this new fabric. This natural & sustainable fabric is most suitable for outdoor living because it is resistant to extreme weather conditions.  


Hemp is a very fast growing crop, producing high fiber yield per acre. Hemp can produce 250% more fibre than cotton and 600% more fiber than flax with the same amount of land. At the end of the product life cycle, it breaks down into an organic material while preserving the environment, this makes it biodegradable.

Special "ECO" treatment: waterproof and stainless
• The Hemp Collection fabrics are treated with a special “ECO” finish; the raw fabric is first washed to remove any kind of wax and oil with a natural soap, extracted from lemon fermentation.
• A special silicone high concentration treatment is then applied, to create an invisible surface layer with a molecular structure 2000 times smaller than water, which gives mechanical waterproofing to the fabric surface, like water drops dancing on much smaller spheres that do not allow penetration through the fabric.
• The “ECO” treatment is PFOA free, resistant to wash, safe for skin contact and respectful of the environment. In compliance with the “REACH” regulation 



VerdEco, is sustainable fabric, which is available in 35 shades with a rich mix of melange colours. Not only is VerdEco truly sustainable, it’s made from 100% recycled material and uses zero water in its production.


The collection is produced from pre-consumer textile waste; by-product materials from fibre, yarn and woven fabric. These waste products are collected and mechanically recycled into granules, which are then re-spun into yarn, re-woven, quality checked and shipped in recycled packaging. Crucially, the production process uses zero water, with new yarn colours being carefully composed from recycled fibre and checked for consistency by the mill.


As a water-free fabric, VerdEco is of course chemical-free too and uses significantly less energy in its production than conventional upholstery fabric. On average, 250 litres of water is saved when upholstering a three-seat sofa in Verd Eco. This figure represents the normal average quantity of water consumed by upholstery fabric used to cover a standard three-seater. At scale, the water and energy savings available by choosing VerdEco are significant for furniture manufacturers and specifiers to say the least.

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